Technology Process Assessment

Are you taking full advantage of the value of your digital design software to increase efficiency and productivity? Our Technology Process Assessment (TPA) delivers concise recommendations to improve your processes and provide an immediate return on investment. By working with our team and leveraging our direct partnership with Autodesk, you are guaranteed that the very best people are focused on recognizing and solving your technical challenges, to help you maximize your software investment and save valuable time. 

Address Challenges

  • You aren't getting the desired ROI from your software investment
  • You've purchased software but haven't implemented it yet
  • Missed deadlines are an issue due to re-work or technology issues
  • Employees are frustrated with implementation and learning curve
  • You've transitioned to 3D but want to realize more downstream benefits

You Reap the Benefits

  • Reduced project re-work
  • Consistent and streamlined project templates, standards and content
  • Get more out of CAD/BIM deliverables from contractors
  • More time for design intent and client interaction
  • Increased automation that leads to improved efficiencies 
  • Leadership alignment with design teams
  • Make the transition to 3D to leverage the benefits of modeling
  • Seamlessly roll out learning paths
  • Evolve workflows and processes to use model data more efficiently

What You Get

Our TPA uncovers challenges you are having with your design technologies, including those you may not be aware of. Together we’ll develop a plan of action to address and overcome these challenges. Your final deliverable is a comprehensive analysis document with our expert observations, experienced commentary and actionable recommendations, providing a roadmap for your success.

We'll optimize:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • File and folder structures
  • Standards and templates
  • User abilities
  • Employee perceptions and feedback 

Our Process

Our detailed assessments include targeted interviews with people at all levels – from leadership to production – surveys, project reviews, standards reviews and a thorough analysis of all data collected. The final assessment document will provide a roadmap for success. 

Phase 1 - Kickoff

  • Expectations aligned 
  • Assignments made
  • Schedules confirmed

Phase 2 - Data gathering

  • File exchange
  • Questionnaire
  • Surveys

Phase 3 - Interviews

  • Meetings with key personnel

Phase 4 - Analysis and write-up

  • Analyze data
  • Document observations
  • Provide recommendations

Phase 5 - Delivery

  • Present to leadership
  • Deliver assessment document and raw data


Your TPA will generally be delivered within 8 weeks of kickoff.