Revit model coordination and compliance is key to a successful project, both in‐house and with your partners. Performing various checks, coordination reviews, and clash reports can save countless hours than performing these tasks on the job site. With coordination being performed in the design phase of a project, major project pitfalls and time‐sinks on the field can be avoided. Project coordination and compliance can be conducted before the job reaches the construction phase and these processes leverage the Revit BIM model. Learn how to use Navisworks to generate clash reports and identify potential design issues before they happen on the field. Use the Revit Model Checker to quickly access if your Revit model elements contain the BIM data you require, are being used properly, design errors are avoided, and if your Revit model meets your company standards in a number of ways. Learn how to:

- Leverage the Revit BIM Model for coordination at the design level
- Utilize Navisworks for clash reports and visualization reviews
- Create a federated model within Navisworks for quick design reviews
- Use the Revit Model Checker for BIM Model standards reviews
- Generate a report using the Revit Model Checker for design reviews